Amongst the most dynamic companies serving the energy sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


i-Energy strives to lead positively the evolution of the Middle Eastern energy sector by capitalizing on the region’s physical and human resources in a manner that is efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible; thereby contributing significantly to the creation of a prosperous, peaceful and globally-oriented future for upcoming generations.


i-Energy builds professional long-term relationships with its partners, clients and employees by delivering reliably products and services; sharing transparently information; foreseeing ingeniously both challenges and solutions; as well as adapting with integrity to optimize current and future growth opportunities.


Established on the principles of leadership, guided by the values of integrity, and committed to the promotion of excellence; the i-Energy team collaboratively and consistently exceeds the expectations of its partners and clients, while strategically steering the future towards an inspired realization of our shared corporate vision.

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i-Energy focuses on a wide range of products and services including -but not limited to- the provision of drilling tools, completion equipment, oilfield chemicals, loss circulation materials, plug & abandon solutions, renewables, as well as manufacturing and marine services.


i-Energy targets innovative technologies that promise to enhance operational efficiency and improve output quality. Towards this goal, i-Energy has joined forces with many leading companies globally, several of which are pioneers of technological innovation within their respected fields.

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