Wellcem is an oil service company headquartered in Norway with branches located around the world. Wellcem’s vision is to be a leading provider of technology for Plugging, Lost Circulation, Leak Stop and Sand Consolidation in oil and gas wells. Wellcem has developed and patented ThermaSet®; a polymer based resin that is pumped downhole in a liquid state and with both time and temperature will transition into a hard set solid. Once in its cured state, its mechanical properties greatly exceed those of conventional systems making it ideal for the downhole environment. Viscosity, curing time and density can all be custom tailored to remediate the customer’s specific dilemma. The resilience of ThermaSet® combined with Wellcem’ s proficiency in ‘Oil Well Therapy’ has enabled the success of over one hundred projects spanning the globe.


Coretrax is a specialist provider of wellbore clean up and abandonment solutions. From the first client consultation to the execution of the job, the primary objective is to exceed customers’ expectations through safe and cost effective services. Innovative and cutting edge technology ensures a seamless transition from drilling to completion and production to abandonment. Established in Aberdeen in 2008, Coretrax is a thriving and internationally renowned oilfield service company. With operations in the UK, the Middle East, Africa and the Gulf of Mexico; Coretrax has built up a comprehensive track record with many years of proven field experience and specialist knowledge.
Coretrax is DNV certified for tools and services and all chemicals are CEFAS registered and its FPAL accreditation confirms the quality of standards.


PST Energy Ltd is an independent, privately owned, provider of Rentals, Sales and Services of Surface and Down Hole Drilling Tools, Equipment and Ancillary Equipment as required in support of the International Energy Industry.


With strong, proven, management and the flexibility afforded to a wholly independent limited company, PST Energy Ltd are able to provide bespoke, tailored packages specific to your oilfield and energy extraction requirements with specialist, high quality, resource solutions including:


• OCTG and Accessories
• Drill Pipe and Drill Stem Accessories
• Completion, Production and Test Tubing and Tubular Accessories
• Steel and Non Magnetic Bottom Hole Assembly Products and Accessories
• Project Management, Drilling Equipment Asset Management and Services
• Turnkey Exploration Drilling and Production Equipment and Service Packages



Scale Protection is a Norwegian technology company with headquarters in Harstad, Norway and a regional office in Oman and Kuwait. Scale Protection provide cost effective scale management by improved monitoring and use of non-chemical prevention.

BSA™ analyze the amount and type of scale/corrosion particles in produced water using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). BSA™ provides statistical trends of the mineral content combined with water data. Used for risk-based scale management in Norway, UK and Middle East.SPIN is a patented concept that prevents scale from aggregating in valves and other areas of the well. First installation reduced the average SSSV cycling frequency by more than 1/3.

Scale Protection have well tracers for retrofit inflow monitoring, integrity verification and scale inhibitor placement.

Fishbones AS is a Norwegian technology company with headquarters in Stavanger, Norway and a regional office in Dubai. Fishbones Stimulation Technology (FST) provides a method of stimulating reservoirs that is simple, accurate and efficient; thereby offering a welcome alternative to traditional stimulation methods such as hydraulic fracturing.

The system is installed as a part of a traditional production liner with Fishbones tools positioned to allow optimal connectivity with the zones of desired stimulation. FST is available for both carbonate and sandstone formations.


8Sigma Energy Services provides state-of-the-art downhole technologies for use in multistage well stimulation operations. 8Sigma focuses on developing and providing interventionless downhole technologies that increase production while also significantly reduce the costs associated with drilling and completing wells.


Some current product offerings of 8Sigma are its unlimited stage, interventionless, dissolvable-dart activated sliding sleeve frac port system – infinityFracX™, as well as Enigma™ Dissolvable Frac Plugs – the world’s shortest frac plug.



Formed in 2005, Tomax is focused on developing technology for preventing drilling vibrations and stick-slip in cooperation. The work was initially funded by the two largest offshore operators in Norway at the time. Based on the success with the resulting Anti-stick-Slip Tool (AST) Tomax has expanded its business to make the product available for rental from several major oilfield hubs around the world. Tomax products are based on well-qualified internal resources in the areas of engineering as well as field operations. Their products are both reliable and ensure seamless integration to provide the highest possible net value. All branches of the company are certified according to the ISO 9001-2008 standard.


A leading specialist provider of innovative, managed accommodation solutions to the International marine and offshore industry, Rigfit’s diverse services include:

  • Living Quarter Refurbishment/Maintenance
  • Design & Feasibility
  • Professional On/Offshore Survey
  • ITT Documentation
  • Engineering and CAD Services
  • Project Management & Commissioning
  • Material Supply
  • Be-spoke Modular Builds, engineered and fabricated to suit any requirement


With 30 years of experience, OCS is a recognized leader in the delivery of comprehensive economical business solutions for Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling (MRO), Total Corrosion Management (TCM) and Crew Management across the oil & gas and marine sectors. OCS operations span the globe through their companies: OCS Services DMCC (Dubai), OCS Services India Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai) and OCS Services Pte. Ltd (Singapore).

SOS provides a real-time coring jamming indicator system known as SureCore (CLRS), which uses MWD technology inside a core barrel. SureCore eliminates indecisions during the coring process, thereby saving considerably operators’ time, preventing losses or damages to the core and saving money.

Automech Group has been established in the UAE since 1991 and provides solutions to the highest quality standards in the fields of heavy machining, heavy engineering, steel fabrication, marine repairs, dewatering pumps and more.

OES Asset Integrity Management was established in 1996 and is a global leader in inspection, rectification and asset support solutions to the Oil & Gas industry.
It has twelve global offices in locations including, UAE, UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

The company works closely with clients to ensure that ultimately it meets their requirements and is flexible in its approach. With a dedicated full-time team that has copious amounts of technical experience, via its strategically located offices in order to accelerate mobilisation, OES delivers the right people where they are needed, when they are needed.

ScanTech Offshore is part of James Fisher and Sons PLC and specialises in the provision of well test support and process pipeline services. ScanTech provides an impressive range of rental equipment including air compressors, steam generators, heat exchangers, rig cooling services and safety equipment, as well as designing, installing and commissioning bespoke client products. Their remit extends to the provision of qualified personnel for the operating, servicing and maintenance of all rental equipment, affording clients the highest standards of quality and safety for operations. ScanTech Offshore products are delivered worldwide from our key locations: UK, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Nigeria, Australia and Malaysia.

We are a Global Lifeboat and Life Saving Equipment Inspection, Servicing, Supply and Refurbishment Company

Survival Systems International focuses on marine safety with our OEM and offshore proven and tested single fall survival craft and launch equipment. We also manufacture our patented hook system as well as supplying lifeboat, life rafts, life jackets and Marine Safety Products maintenance & training, our services are available to perform onshore and or offshore repairs.

Survival Systems International is as a ‘Approved Service Provider (ASP) by all Major Flag and Classification Society’s allowing us to work on all manufactures and equipment types for LSA. Although we are a Global Company our ability is to be able to respond to local markets with on-time deliveries, local engineers and competitive rates.

Mission Statement
“To save lives by providing quality user friendly life saving equipment. To make sure offshore crews are prepared to safely evacuate in an emergency situation in a marine environment through the provision of Inspection, Instruction, authorised parts and repairs. To perform this service in a safe, timely, cost effective and environmentally sound manner”.


Wellbore Debris Solutions is a dynamic oilfield service company offering cutting edge technology solutions for debris related non-productive time and cost. Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise of their unique technical challenges along with our commitment to design, develop and supply visionary new technology.


We are focussed on providing solutions for debris related issues during drilling, workover and decommissioning activities. Surface solids management equipment alone will not remove all debris carried in the circulating fluid system. The remaining debris builds up in rotary steerable systems (RSS) and directional BHAs, compromising steering capability and the accuracy of logging-while-drilling and measurement-while-drilling tools. Our Sentry Sub™ is designed to protect equipment from debris trapped in the circulating system. Applicable in any drilling environment and mud type. Incorporated in any position in the drill string, including directly above the BHA, the Sentry Sub™ captures and retains all fluid-borne ferrous & nonferrous debris greatly reducing the risk of compromise to BHA components, saving time and cost to our customers.