Abdulrahman Algosaibi

Managing Director

Recognizing the immense potential of growth within the energy sector of the Kingdom, and motivated by his keen interest in the field of oil and gas, Abdulrahman Bader Khalifa Algosaibi established i-Energy as a means by which to integrate the knowledge and skills he acquired over his many years of both study and work towards the service of a single goal: Excellence.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Manufacturing Engineering, Abdulrahman’s career commenced at the production department of Sigma Paints Saudi Arabia, where he markedly enhanced the efficiency of material flow throughout the factory. From this he transitioned to business development at Khalifa Algosaibi Trading, where he successfully directed several client accounts towards an expanded national market share. Following was his time with Algosaibi Information Systems where he headed the marketing department prior to pursuing an MBA concentrating in Finance at the American University of Beirut. Upon his return to the Kingdom, Abdulrahman served as Deputy General Manager of Algosaibi Services for 9 years.

Today, Abdulrahman sits on the Board of Directors at Khalifa Algosaibi Holding Company, while simultaneously steering i-Energy towards the ambitious vision he so meticulously manufactured for the futures of both his company and his country.

Determined to succeed, Abdulrahman passionately, professionally and persistently seeks opportunities to expand, to improve, and to excel.

The detailed analyses upon which he bases critical decisions are frequently in parallel to the sharp intuition he has likely developed as a member of the Algosaibi family, historically amongst the Gulf’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Abdulrahman recognizes that great successes are a function of collaborative efforts. He values tremendously the individual contribution of each and every member of the i-Energy team. To them he delegates with faith and follows-up with precision. With them he shares openly corporate challenges and together they celebrate i-Energy’s diverse achievements.

Abdulrahman is an effective communicator, who skilfully represents i-Energy’s partners and clients while strategically bridging any gaps that may exist amongst their independent requirements and expectations. His abilities to craft innovative solutions, persevere under pressure, and negotiate with confidence have proven fundamental to sound business operations.

That Abdulrahman holds himself, his team, and his corporation accountable to the highest standards of ethics is without question. That he exerts every possible effort with sincerity to make the i-Energy experience a fulfilling one for all stakeholders ensures the powerful perpetuation of i-Energy’s competitive advantage for decades to come.

Waleed M.O. Batarfi

Deputy Managing Director

With over 22 years of experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Waleed is an integral member of i-Energy’s team. A skilled team player with a unique perspective, Waleed maintains channels of communication open between partners and clients, coordinating to meet and exceed their various requirements; thereby maintaining a sound relationship amongst all stakeholders.

Jamie Campbell

Business Development Manager

For over 22 years, Jamie Campbell has comprehensively served the energy sector. From Schlumberger to Expro, Jamie’s experience ranges from the technical challenges of cased-hole wireline and well completion processes to the managerial responsibilities of business operations and development.

Jamie joined i-Energy in 2016 and currently plays a critical role expanding the products and services offered, in addition to diversifying the clients and partners with whom i-Energy proudly and professionally conducts business.

Jamie holds a formal HNC qualification in Business Administration from East Hertfordshire College, and has completed courses targeting Communication and Negotiation skills at Goldman Sachs, as well as Presentation and Leadership skills at Indigo International. Currently, Jamie is working towards an MBA in Energy and Sustainability at Cumbria University.

Dhillan Baby Parakkal

Finance Manager

With over 25 years of global experience in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Dhillan is a motivated creative individual, whom –with extreme precision- oversees all financial details relating to i-Energy’s diverse operations.

Dhillan’ s career in the Kingdom has included several senior positions in the retail industry including that of Senior Accountant at Nesma Group for four years and that of Regional Finance Manager at Landmark Group from 2001 until his employment by i-Energy in 2017.

Dhillan earned a Master’s degree in the field of Commerce from the University of Calicut India in 1994; following the Bachelors of Commerce he completed in 1992.

Nithin Govindankutty

Technical Sales Supervisor

Since 2012, Nithin has served the energy sector with dedication and precision. His daily interactions with i-Energy’s partners and clients coupled with an unparalleled attention to detail provide all stakeholders with the comprehensive support necessary to enhance operational efficiency.

For four years prior to joining i-Energy, Nithin held the position of an Instrumentation Engineer at Saipem, Saudi Arabia.

He graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of technology degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, followed closely in 2011 by a Master’s degree in the field of Photonics and Optical Engineering awarded to him by the University of Nottingham.

Jose Thomas

Logistics Supervisor

With over 20 years of experience in the field of purchasing and logistics, Jose Thomas added great value to i-Energy upon joining its team in 2012. He continues today to enhance productivity by actively leading the strategic planning and logistics coordination processes. Jose is an expert at managing lead times, arranging warehouses, and synchronizing transportation. His flexible adaptation skills and timely customer service have made him an integral member of i-Energy’s administration.